Friday, June 25, 2010

Police Report: June 24

3300 block of Buchannan Street: At about 10:20 am officers took a report of a vandalism to auto. The victim/owner showed the officers where someone had broken the windshield and the right front passenger window of her 2007 Honda Civic. The officers could not locate any evidence/witnesses to the crime.

3700 block of 34th Street: At about 1:40 pm officers on patrol saw three juveniles walking along the block. Two of the juveniles had bicycles with them. When the juveniles saw the officers the two with the bikes dropped the bikes and fled the area on foot. The officers circled the area looking for the three and eventually stopped them back on 34th Street with the bikes in tow. The officers interviewed the three and two of them admitted that they had stolen the bikes from a nearby residence. All three were arrested, charged with theft and released to the custody of their parents pending juvenile court action. The bikes were returned to their rightful owners.

3300 block of Buchannan Street: At about 9:30 pm officers issued a man a criminal citation for drinking an alcoholic beverage in public.

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