Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Police Report: May 28-31

May 28th:

2400 block of Arundel Road: At about 4:45 am officers responded for the report of two individuals breaking into a vehicle. When the officers arrived they stopped and detained two men who fit the description of the thieves. Further investigation revealed that these two did in fact attempt to break into the vehicle with the intent of stealing an IPod. They were arrested, charged accordingly and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

May 29th:

4500 block of Eastern Avenue: At about 2:45 pm officers received a call for a theft from auto at the BP Gas station. The victim told the officers that she was pumping gas and left her purse in the car with the window rolled down. She said she looked away for a second and when she looked back her purse was gone. She stated that she did not see anyone take her purse, however she did observed a black male about 16-20 years of age wearing a black hooded jacket walking near her vehicle just prior to the purse being taken. A search of the area for that individual proved negative and there was no evidence recovered.

3100 block of Perry Street: At about 3:30 pm officers took a missing person report. The mother of a 15 year old girl told the officers that her daughter failed to return home from school. Mom said that she believes that her daughter may have run away with her older boyfriend. The daughter’s information was entered into the NCIC missing persons database.

May 30th:

2500 block of Allison Street: At about 3:20 am officers responded for a citizen armed robbery. As the officers arrived on the scene they saw two individuals who matched the description of the suspects. The officers stopped and detained these two and the victim positively identified them as the men who robbed him. They were arrested, charged with robbery and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

2300 block of Arundel Road: At about 7 pm officers observed a man urinating on the side of a building. He was issued a criminal citation for public urination and released.

31st Street & Arundel Road (Richardson Park): At about 8:15 pm officers responded for the report of several individuals loitering in the park. When they arrived they observed a female consuming an alcoholic beverage in the park. She was issued a criminal citation for drinking in public and released.

May 31st:

35th and Otis Streets: At about 2:10 am officers received a call for the sound of shots. During their investigation they learned that a man (who was very uncooperative with the officers) had just left the Crossroads night club. As he got to the intersection of 35th & Otis the occupant of a silver car fired several shots at his vehicle. His vehicle was struck twice and no one was injured. The suspect and the victim then fled the scene. The victim did not report the incident to police until about an hour after it occurred. He was uncooperative and really did not want to file a report. The officers searched the area where the shots were fired and recovered 12, 9mm shell casings. MPD officers assisted with the investigation. No additional witnesses or evidence could be found.

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